There will be four seats to be filled in the Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election.  Click here to see a calendar of important dates for School Board Candidates.  If you are planning on running for School Board - all paperwork is handled by the Peoria County Election Commission office.  For more information all candidates should call ((309) 324-2300 or visit the Peoria County Election Commission office at their new location of: 4422 Brandywine Dr, Ste 1, in Peoria IL.  Their office hours are 8:30 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday.  

Farmington Central CUSD#265 embraces preparing locally and excelling globally to build a stronger community. Within this vision we must continuously look at our facilities and ensure that they align with our needs. The district embarked upon a facilities audit during the 2017-2018 school year and will maintain a rotation of projects to ensure that our infrastructure is efficient and properly functioning. Additionally, we have allocated sales tax monies to do such projects as window replacement, concrete expansion, and track resurfacing. Beyond these initiatives we are looking at projects that will better serve our students and our community while reducing the tax rate within the debt services of the budget. The communities that rely on Farmington Central #265 to educate our youth united in 2004 to build this beautiful campus. When those debts are paid the community expects to see a reduction in their tax rate. We are considering projects that will enhance our campus while fulfilling this expectation. Please feel free to contact Dr. Chatterton directly if you would like to provide input. 

Student Board Member


Board Members

Ron Zessin, Kelly Threw, Kelly Brewer, 
Kay Faralli, John Martin, Chad Johnson, 
BJ Oldfield

Board of Education Email:  boe@dist265.com