Good evening,

While the weather is thawing outside, I need to share some additional information regarding how the weather affects school operations. There have been a couple of communications that have gone out regarding what goes into the decision whether or not to cancel school, but not about the operations on campus.

  • Extreme cold and ice cause heavy stress on our HVAC systems and require our boilers to operate at full capacity.
  • Many staff members at the school have to go above and beyond to ensure the safe access to the school and then clean the mess of salt and water inside the building.
  • Some of the external work is done by outside services that have equipment which is necessary to address some of the challenges.

The school district is in constant communication with the staff members and vendors needed to do the work from the early morning hours until the late evening. Many portions of our campus are used well after school hours with the many events and activities that we host. Because of the multitude of variables, there is no clear line of procedures that are used for addressing weather impeded events. The conditions are continually monitored and addressed throughout the day and night. We are appreciative of those hard working staff members and subcontractors that work above and beyond to make our school accessible by all. We are truly sorry for the challenges that many have faced over the past few days in trying to transport their children to and from school and while trying to attend school events.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during the winter season.

Dr. Zac Chatterton
Superintendent of Schools
Farmington Central CUSD#265