October 15, 2019

Farmington Central High School Research Center

310 N. Lightfoot Road - Farmington, IL. 61531


Board Summary:

FCJH “Be Nice” recognition was acknowledged.  The school’s theme this year is “be nice” and the following students went above and beyond expectations:

     8th Grade:  Averie Neal, Caden Record 

     7th Grade:  Gillian Lanser, Calvin Rudd

     6th Grade:  Elliott Black, Maddy Lettow

FCHS recognized September Senior of the Month Devin Johnson and October Senior of the Month Dalton Powell.  FCHS also has begun recognizing a student from each grade level on a month basis.  Those recognized this month were: Annabelle Easley (Junior class), Emma Evans (Sophomore class), Madilyn Helle (Freshman class).

Mr. Uptmor presented on behalf of the Positive Climate Committee.  The committee is made up of teachers throughout the district, parents, board member Kay Faralli, and Mr. Uptmor.  Their mission statement embraces respect for all and a responsibility to care for everyone around us.  October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and there are a variety of activities planned throughout the district.  A unity walk for all students and staff within the district will be held October 23rd, The high school will have an entire day dedicated to activities designed to unit students in varying settings on Oct. 24th, and there will be an assembly titled “Be Strong.”  The committee is also looking at community engagement activities in November or December and again in early Spring.  May is Mental Health Awareness Month and there will be a series of activities in conjunction with mental health awareness

Board Action:

     Annually the district’s Emergency Plan is reviewed, updated, and adopted by the board.           There were no significant changes to the district’s practices within the plan.  There was a         discussion in regards to there being a pause before exiting the building when a fire alarm       goes off.

     Arrenholz was awarded the renewal for snow removal for the 2019-2020 school year with       no rate change.

     FCES, FCJH, FCHS each presented their school improvement plans for the board’s               action.

Discussion Items:

     Committee Reports

     Curriculum Committee - There is a review of the FCHS course catalog that is in                       progress.  Areas of focus were established for the committee.  The elementary school             will look at English Language Arts, junior high will look at math, science, and social                 studies, and the high school will be looking at science.

     There was a discussion regarding the district’s delegate at the state conference next               month.

     The labor/ management committee had a meeting and there were discussions pertaining         the time clock system.

     The building and grounds committee reported out on the skid steer that will be utilized for       sidewalk snow removal purposes this winter.  The HVAC and infrastructure systems were       reviewed, and the long term plans for that equipment.  The construction projects are               progressing along and discussions regarding future work was touched on.

     Transportation Committee - Reviewed some of the routes of concern within the district.           The district will be communicating with families that will be impacted by winter bus routes       this year.  There will be certain routes that buses will not be able to serve in inclement             weather.

     Insurance Committee -  The renewal process will be enacted as it has been the last                 couple of years.  While it is early in the annual insurance cycle the district is performing           well within the plan.

The senior trip will not be to Disney World this year.  There was not enough interest to continue with the plan, but other options are being explored.

The district’s risk management plan was discussed but there are no changes being recommended at this time.


     Ashley Allen - FMLA Extension

     Karen Siegel - Administrative Leave Extension

     Nathan Darko - 1/2 HS Cheerleading Coach

     Lori Lynch - Student Facilitator FCJH

     Danielle Thompson - Student Facilitator FCES

     Kayla Walraven - Registered Nurse

     Toby Vallas - Contract Extension

     Dennis McMillin - Contract Extension

     Ryan Lambert - Harvest Team Sponsor and Speech Coach

     Ron Boyer - Bass Fishing Coach

     Jenna Putrich - Fr. Girls Basketball Coach

     Michael Schmidt - 2nd Shift Custodian


     Jenna Putrich - 8th Grade Basketball

     FCES - Charity Adams, Cheryl Bolton, Tara Capitani, Linda Cooper, Adam Henkhaus,             Angela Neal, Kara Osborn, Brittany Passmore, Eric Scott, Lori Scott, Megan Welker

     Troy Cash - Music Boosters


     Brent Schmider (Custodian) and Nick Hoffmann (JH Track Coach)

We adjourned at 9:15 p.m. with a relatively small crowd.